Important Notes

The recipes listed here are posted for the enjoyment of you and your pets. These recipes are meant to be fed as treats or for occasional meals. They should not replace your pet's regular diet or make up the bulk of your pet's food. Please do not overfeed your pet (remember, small pets have small stomachs!)
The use of some ingredients may be counter-indicated for pets with certain health conditions. If you are not sure if a recipe is ok for your dog, please ask your vet. While some recipes mention cats, please be aware that certain ingredients, such as garlic, should not be fed to cats.

If you have an overweight or small dog or a cat, you may want to check the calorie content of a recipe before feeding. There are websites where you can input a recipe and they will calculate the nutrition information for you.
Here is one website with that feature:

 If you are looking for a good quality food to feed your dog, we recommend the Dog Food Analysis website for reviews and information on commercial diets, or's diet pages for information on different types of diets for dogs as well as feeding dogs with medical conditions.

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k9 carer said...

There are many ingredients here which are bad for dogs, and some downright dangerous. Tomatos are harmful and should never ever be given to dogs. Salt is bad for them, and is not needed in these recipes. Sugar should be avoid. I would use vegetable oil in place of butter.

I haven't gone through all these recipes so there may be other harmful ingredients.

If something is unhealthy for us, it's going to be unhealthy for your dog.

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