Kong Filling Tips and Ideas

The recipes below in the Frozen/Cold Treats category can be used to fill a Kong or similar treat-dispensing toys, or placed into the center of a marrow bone.

Kong toys are a great interactive toy for dogs. They can be used to occupy an active dog, keep them out of trouble and prevent boredom. Kong toys are also useful for keeping a puppy quiet and are good for teething puppies. Frozen and cold fillings are especially good for teething puppies as they are soothing to the puppy's gums.

A Kong toy has a large hold at one end where the filling goes in, and a small hole at the other end. When filling Kongs with liquids or soupy fillings, you’ll need to plug up the smaller hole first so the liquid doesn’t pour out. If you find that your dog empties the Kong quickly, you can also plug the larger hole to make it harder for the dog to get the filling out. Some things you can use to plug the holes include: a cut piece of vegetable fruit (no grapes--they are bad for dogs), cheese, dog treats, peanut butter, veggies such as a baby carrots, or anything else that will fit. If your filling is liquid you may also want to place the Kong is a plastic cup to prevent dripping while you are freezing it.
If you want to keep your dog busy longer, you can also other foods to the Kong by mixing them in with the soupy filling or creating layers. Adding solid foods will make it more difficult for the dog to remove the filling and they will be occupied longer. You can add dog biscuits, fruit, veggies, bully sticks, kibble or whatever your dog likes to the Kong along with one of the recipes below.


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